Frequently Asked Questions

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What sets Fine Art Bartending Schools apart from other Bartending schools?

We offer the most realistic training in Canada: All of our schools are built like real bars and you will spend most of your time behind the bar working on your drink recipes, speed, pouring accuracy, customer service skills and the ability to handle multiple drink orders. This in class hands on training will prepare you well enough that you will feel comfortable bartending behind any bar.

Who are your Instructors: Our instructors were once exactly where you are today. Trying to decide if you should take bartending school and which school you should sign up with. Our instructors are all Fine Art Bartending Graduates that have completed our course and found work in the industry. They have not come back to help share their knowledge with future bartenders. This not only validates what we do here at our schools but allows our instructors the ability to convey valuable knowledge to our students to it makes it easier for them to find work as a bartender as well.

Our Guarantee: Fine Art Bartending guarantee?s you will be a great bartender at the end of our course. If you don’t feel confident at the end of the course, you can come back through right away, or at a later date, as many times as you want until you do feel confident, at no additional charge.

Reputation: Fine Art Bartending School has been in business since 1973 and has 9 locations across Canada. More managers & owners recognize the Fine Art Bartending Certificate over any other bartending school. We have the most recognized certificate in the industry across the country.

Is it easy to find a job?

Students that follow our methodology for finding a bartending job are very successful in obtaining a bartending position right out of school. The hospitality industry has a very high rate of turn over. While bars rarely advertise for staff we know that they are always looking for good staff. So we teach you how to get a bartending job at the places you want to work at.

Do you offer job placement: We can’t physically place you into a bartending position but we do a few unique things that other bartending schools don’t.

Job preparation skills training: In class training

Free access to our Job Database: We maintain one of the largest hospitality job databases. Students that have completed our course will be able to access this information for free.

Fine Art Bartending School Certification: Your Fine Art Bartending Certification will help you find work faster. In the past 40 years we have training over 60,000 bartenders. These former students are now bar owners, bar managers and do the hiring. This gives you a significant advantage in finding work.

Do I need my ?Bartending License? to work in the industry?

Although it is not mandatory to have a bartending certification to serve, more and more establishments and employers require you to have a bartending certification or bartending license in order to be considered for employment. Owners & managers recognize that the training you receive in a bartending school replaces months of costly on the job training.

Is it a really intense course??

We turn out really good bartenders at Fine Art Bartending School, and to be really good bartender upon graduation, it does require some effort. You will have lots of fun, and you will have to pay attention and focus. It?s like most things in life. You get out of it, what you put into it. We provide some of the best training in the business by the best instructors in the business. Those who follow our course curriculum will turn out to be excellent bartenders.

What if I don’t feel confident, or want to repeat the course?

We guarantee you will be a great bartender at the end of our course, if you don’t feel 100% confident; you can re-take the course at any time, free of charge. The only time there would be any sort of fee for retaking the course is if we have done a substantial update to our textbook (it happens about once every 6 months), only then we would expect you to purchase a new textbook for a very small fee. We also offer free re-fresher courses to past students. All we require is some sort of proof you took the course previously, a certificate or receipt. We do not have years of student records we can look up your previous registration in.

Can I visit the school?

Yes, you are always welcome to visit our school. Please check with the local school for the class schedule.

I am hoping to Travel and Bartend in a different country, will your course be helpful with this?

Yes, Bartending is a great skill to have if you would like to see the world. We have a section of the course devoted to this very topic. We also have former students working all over the world. In the past year alone, our graduates have found work all across Canada, the U.S., Cayman Islands, Mexico, Central America, Ireland, England, Korea, Japan, China, France, Sweden, and many are working in Australia. We also have several students working on various cruise lines.

Do I need to pay in advance, or put down a deposit to reserve a spot in the course?

We ask that you put down a $100.00 deposit to guarantee that you will have a spot in an upcoming class. Because we limit the amount of students that we take in each class, sometimes classes will fill up early. If you have a special situation, for example, you are waiting for a payday that occurs halfway through the course, we are fairly flexible, you just need to give us a call, and we can make an arrangement to delay payment, no problem. If you are not comfortable using your credit card online, we are happy to take your info over the phone, or make alternate arrangements for payment, in any of these cases, please call our office at 866-881-6699

Are there any other costs, or charges?

Textbooks, course materials and your diploma are built into the price of the course. There may be certain taxes payable depending on your provincial regulations. These will be due and payable at the school on the first day of class if applicable.

Do I receive a Certificate after completing the course?

Yes! After completing our Pro Bartending Certification course you receive a Pro Bartending Certificate that shows prospective employers you are ready to jump behind the bar, without months of costly on the job training.

Do Bartenders make a lot of money?

Bartenders can make a great income. It mostly depends on where you work. You will make enough to pay for your tuition within your first week behind the bar no matter where you get a job. Most bartending jobs are wage plus tips.

How big are the classes?

We offer small classes for all our courses, which provide an excellent instructor/student ratio.

Is the certificate recognized worldwide, or by other organizations?

While Fine Art Bartending School offers the most complete bartender training program in North America, there is really no universally recognized, worldwide standard for Bartender training. However, Fine Art Bartending School has pioneered the standard of training in Canada and has trained over 60,000 bartenders since 1973. Our certificate is the most recognized, well-known certificate in the industry. More owners & managers recognize the Fine Art name than any other.

What happens if I have to miss a class?

Our day and evening classes run on the same class schedule, so if you are enrolled in the day class, and have an appointment, and you cannot make it in, we may be able to accommodate you in the evening class that same day (which would cover the same material), or the other way around.

I have absolutely no experience in the Bar/Restaurant/Hospitality industry, is this a problem?

Not at all, our course is designed to take you through all aspects bartending, right from the beginning.

What do I need to bring with me to class?

Bring a pen and a notebook, we supply you with a textbook that you can write notes in as well. We recommend closed-toe shoes, not sandals, or flip-flops, in case a glass gets broken.

How much of the course is theory and how much is practical?

Our course is about 10% theory, and 90% practical. You will spend most of your time up behind the bar, working through various techniques, practicing your skills, filling drink orders, learning how to deal with customers, etc.

Do you have to be 19 to take the course?

No you do not have to be 19 to take our course. If you are 17 or older, you are welcome to enroll.

Do I need a High School Diploma? Or are there any pre-requisites required to take the course?

No, There are no pre-requisites required to attend our courses.