Fine Art Bartending School Edmonton

Regular Tuition: $499
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What Sets us Apart

Professional Experienced Staff

The full time instructor in Edmonton is Toni and she is a bit of a Jane of All Trades, she also brings several years of bartending & serving experience, primarily in event settings, to each of her classes. Toni, a graduate of the Fine Art Bartending School course herself, enjoys sharing her knowledge with students and helping them find confidence and competence by mixing learning with fun. Having recently moved to Edmonton from a small town in BC, Toni finds city life extraordinarily inspiring. When she isn’t painting, writing, designing, doing Readings or teaching, she is out discovering the many wonderful things Edmonton has to offer. She is proud to be part of the Fine Art Bartending School team and looks forward to each new class as an opportunity to both teach and learn.

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    FREE Life Time Refresher Course at any Fine Art Bartending School Across Canada!

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More about Fine Art Bartending School Edmonton

Most of the course takes place behind the bar. We believe the only way to learn how to bartend is through hands on training. Students learn to balance proper pouring technique with speed and efficiency that can only be learned through professional instruction.

The most important skills that students leave the course with are Confidence and Ability. These 2 skills can take you anywhere from a job here in Edmonton, to a cruise ship or traveling around the world bartending.

Bartending is truly the best job in the world!


10442, 82nd Ave ,N.W. Edmonton, AB T6E 2A2

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Class Times

Day Class

11:00am to 3:00 pm Monday to Friday for 1 Week

Weekend Class

6:00 pm to 10:00 pm Monday to Friday for 1 Week

Night Class

11:00am to 4:00 pm Saturday & Sunday for 2 consecutive weeks